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New R plate divides Australians

Mycar has launched a ‘people first initiative’ with their bright blue R plate which is for drivers to display when they are returning to the road from a road trauma.

The bright blue R plates are not an official government road item and are they are being distributed and marketed by Australian service and repair company mycar, formerly known as Kmart Tyre and Auto, who are pushing to encourage more empathy on our roads.

But the initiative has Australians divided, some are all for the new initiative and applauding the idea but there are some that are more skeptical leaving them questioning whether or not the new plate will promote empathy and patience.

A self proclaimed “car and motorcycle enthusiast living the dream as a motoring writer” ‘Dave MC’ took to TikTok to showcase the new plate and explain a little bit about it.

@davemotoring R plates are a way of showing drivers that you’re anxious about returning to the road following a period away. Read about them in @The Daily Telegraph , get a free set from MyCar online, and give drivers a little more patience if you see one. #driving #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare #trauma #cars #australia ♬ original sound – DaveMc_Motoring

The video has racked up 140,000 likes with almost 3000 comments and the comment section is split, debating whether the plates will help or hinder people returning to the roads. Some using the example of L plates used by learners and how they feel more targeted but others saying things like “Love this, I wish I had one after my stroke. I was not allowed to drive for 6 months post same.”

If you would like a set of R plates you can head to mycar’s website and order yours for free.